with a Rainwater Catchment System

In the next two decades water use is expected to triple in the world, ” We have a small answer to the problem …The Rain Water Catchment System .

  • Rainwater is free.
  • Rainwater can reduce your sewer bill.
  • Rainwater is natural and useful. It’s soft, free of dissolved minerals, and chlorine free. In other words, it’s great for use on your potted plants, gardens, lawn, filling ponds and for washing vehicles.

Rainwater usage is sustainable. Collecting rain water for use around the home is no different than the concept of harnessing wind power for electricity. Use of naturally occurring systems can reduce the load on existing infrastructure.

Rainwater Catchment System

Why is CSC involved?

Purchasing a Rainwater Catchment System is an excellent way to protect the environment and serves as a means for individuals to support the work of the Community Service Center in its efforts to put individuals to work, help families in their reunification, and give children a safe place to be heard.

  • Use one Rainwater Catchment System or connect up to four systems for maximum rainwater harvesting.
  • The system can connect to your downspout and the attachment for your hose makes watering easy.
  • The Community Service Center is going green and you can go with us.
  • Buy a rain barrel for $55.00!

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