The focus of the CSC remains committed to building better lives through a prepared workforce through employment readiness, placement and employment maintenance. A range of other services is also provided through additional programs to enhance the success of the clients. Over the years CSC has recognized the changing needs of the ex-offender population and has responded to those needs by providing direct services that are essential for successful re-entry and stability in order to reduce recidivism.

Barriers to employment include the stigma attached to being an ex-offender, lack of education, substance abuse, little or no work experience, homelessness, and absence of family support. Such barriers often result in ex-offenders returning through the revolving doors of penal institutions. The number of individuals who have been and continue to be incarcerated is increasing at a staggering rate and the CSC is a source of hope and point of contact for the ex-offender population.


Steady employment is vital in order for individuals to become successfully self-sufficient. The first year of post release is a particularly crucial and often difficult time for the ex-offender particularly if the client has limited resources by which to sustain basic necessities. Thus the Community Service Center confronts these challenges by providing pre-employment training and development to instruct clients on the culture and expectations of the workplace. Because CSC has been successful over the years with providing employment assistance, parole/probation officers, judges, social service agencies and other organizations, former clients and other individuals refer many clients to CSC.


The goal of “JOBS NOW” is to provide the client with the basic assistance needed to move toward becoming a vital, productive member of the workforce and the community. Through “JOBS NOW” individuals have the opportunity to attain personal short-term goals while planning and developing long-term goals and strategies by which to attain them. United Way of Greater New Orleans funds “JOBS NOW”

CSC is offering employment assistance, supportive and essential services to non-custodial parents of TANF children who are eligible under the Welfare to Work Initiative.

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